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The history of the Bezet brand

The “BeZet” company was established in 1973 and its founder was Bogdan Zakrzewski. Initially, it focused on the production of plaster figures and plaques, which were sold mainly to the then leader of the jewelry industry, the “VERITAS” company.

However, the company developed very dynamically. Bogdan Zakrzewski was constantly looking for new challenges, which resulted in the introduction of new, more technologically advanced products that required the use of completely different materials. Thus, in the 1980s, the mainstay of the company’s production became vases, flowerpots and figures of the Virgin Mary and Jesus cast in concrete. However, these figures were very heavy, which is when the idea of using polyester resins was born. This time, Mr. Zakrzewski took up the challenge and soon the plant started production using a completely new technology. It is worth noting that at that time our factory was the first and only one producing resin figures. After making the new technology available to several people, plants began to be built one by one in Nowa Sól. Within six months, from May 15 to November 1993, over 200 new plants were established. This period can be considered the beginning of the later “DWARFS” era. This era allowed most families to live and support themselves in Nowa Sól for several years.
Whatever the case, this did not stop the plant owner from looking for new technological solutions and changes in the materials used for production. All this to constantly improve the quality of the products offered by the company. Thanks to this, customers from Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, England, France and Italy acquired in the early 1990s are regular customers to this day, even though “BeZet” has not been a producer of dwarfs for many years. Today, the “BeZet” company, using new materials and technologies (new in the history of the plant), produces many models of decorative figures, including individual designs of our clients, as well as various types of garden decorations. Since 1996, the company has been run by the founder’s son, Adam Zakrzewski, who, like his father, runs the plant based on many years of tradition and with attention to the quality of the products offered, to the satisfaction of customers. Today, Adam’s two sons – Adrian and Arkadiusz Zakrzewscy – also work in the company, continuing the family tradition.