About the Bezet Company

The Bezet company was set up in 1973 by Bogdan Zakrzewski. In the beginning our main products were statues and badges made of plaster of Paris. The main recipient of our products was a contemporary giant in the field of decorative articles trade "VERITAS"

        The company was developing very dynamically. However, Bogdan Zakrzewski was still looking for new challenges, then appeared new products requiring completely new technologies and materials.

        In the 1980s vases, flower pots and statues of the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ cast in concrete became the basis of our company`s manufacture. But they were very heavy, so that the idea of using polyester resins was born. Mr Zakrzewski took the challenge and soon started a new production using entirely new technology. That time may be acknowledged as the beginning of the period of the "gnomes` figures". That period allowed many families in Nowa Sól to earn their living. However, it didn`t stop the owner from looking for new solutions, both technological and changing materials used for production.

        All those things were done to improve the quality of the products offered by our company. The customers from Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Great Britain, France and Italy are our recipients till today, although Bezet has not been a manufacturer of the "gnomes`s figures" for many years.

        Nowadays the Bezet company produces plenty of designs of decorative statues and garden fountains of any kind using new materials and technologies

        Since 1998 the company has been run by Mr Bogdan Zakrzewski`s son- Adam Zakrzewski, who, like his father, runs the business on the basis of the long- standing tradition and with great care about the quality of the products we offer, to our customers`s satisfaction.

Adam Zakrzewski

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